Pieria, a place of beautiful nature, combines the crystal clear waters and the highest mountain in Greece

Visitors will find beaches of almost 10 km, famous for their crystal clear waters, characterized by the "Blue Flag" quality, the golden beaches, the delightful swimming for everyone, a Greek place surrounded by a beautiful environment.


From here you can see Mount Olympus as well as the Pieria mountain range, the mountains of Pierides.


 Pieria also offers many places to see unique attractions.


There is also an organized harbor for those who own yachts.


The prefecture of Pieria is a land of attraction for every visitor with intense archaeological and historical interest, and one can see findings from the Negril period of Makrygialos, the ancient Pydna, the Dion and the castle of Platamonas. prefectureˈprēˌfekCHər Μεταφράσεις του prefecture ΟυσιαστικόΣυχνότητα νομαρχία prefecture διεύθυνση αστυνομίας prefecture Όρισμοί prefecture Ουσιαστικό 1 a district under the government of a prefect. These might look ordinary trees, but they are in fact a very special present from the governor of the Nara prefecture in Japan. Παραδείγματα prefecture The Okinawa prefecture was in fact under direct U.S. military administration from 1945 to 1972, when it was handed over to the Japanese. 24 ακόμη παραδείγματα
Ο αριθμός των μοναστηριών και των εκκλησιών μαρτυρούν την μακραίωνη ιστορία του.
Το Αρχαίο Δίον ήταν η ιερή πόλη των Μακεδόνων, ακριβώς στους πρόποδες του Ολύμπου.

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