Panteleimonos Beach of Pieria

Panteleimonos Beach is a settlement of Panteleimonos, the former Municipality of East Olympus, which is an administrative unit of the Municipality of Dion - Olympus, in the Prefecture of Pieria of the Region of Central Macedonia, and one of the 16 [1] coasts of the prefecture. It is 36 km from Katerini and 56 km from Larissa and is located [2] in the southeast of the prefecture. The permanent residents are 70, as it is a summer residence of the residents of Neo Panteleimonas and a tourist resort, which is flooded by tourists in the period May - September, while in the winter almost deserts. It is located just below the castle of Platamonas, in a small creek, so you sometimes call it Castle. The length of the coast is 3 km. Each year, it is awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union, due to the cleanliness of its water and its sandy coastline. It combines mountain and sea and is one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. Next to the sea are platans and poplars. A river is poured into the sea, thus ending its long journey from the sources of Olympus. According to the latest archaeological excavations in the area, during the construction of the tunnel under the castle, findings of the Prehistoric and Byzantine Period were found, leading archaeologists to the conclusion that the ancient city of Iraklia was developed there.  


Panteleimonos Beach is the central theme of the campaign of the Prefecture of Pieria. The facilities of the area are structured to serve tourists regardless of their economic situation. More than 10 camping sites are filled every summer by foreign tourists and tourists from foreign countries, mainly from the East, while there are many rooms for rent as well as 3 or 4 star hotels. Panteleimonos Beach is also ideal for water sports, and there are facilities for basketball, tennis, table tennis and volleyball. In the summer, under the auspices of the municipality, basketball and volleyball tournaments are organized. At the same time, each summer at the Castle of Platamonas, above the beach, the Olympus Festival is organized with theatrical performances by concerts of Greek artists. The Festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture.

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